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Pandora box

January 20th, 2010 at 03:12 am

Oh dear what I have I started here!

Its time to use the make up and toiletries that I have in one of my stockpile cupboards, most are now out of date so they cant be sold but are all sealed so I use them over time. Just need to remember what is there. Enough deodorants, soaps, shampoo and conditioners, tooth paste, toilet paper, foundations, lipsticks, hand creams, face creams and masks to last a few years.

What was I thinking of buying more shampoo and conditioners when I had so many in the first place. I do use a lot more conditioner that shampoo so will start by using up some of the samples that I have first of whatever there is there.

I did sell for Avon at one time and bought a lot of samples then stop selling, I need to use up this stuff first, same goes for some of creams and masks too! Its almost 5 years since I bought it and I am still using this stuff up. I have been taking samples away with me when I went on holidays but my holidays are so few now!

Here just a sample of my sample stockpile

Shampoo& conditioners - 10 of one kind
Shampoo -6 of another kind
Shampoo & conditioner of Head & shoulders -10 sets from sample bags these are most the latest ones.
Two Face masks tubes so very old that plastic tube are perished and have emptied them into a container as they were the same kind. Plus 20 sample masks to use up before I start on any of the six that are there tubes.
I just gave myself my first mask for a year. That was with my 12 year old stuff with perished tube. I do know how old it is as it has my old job store tags still on it.

Oh dear! Waste Not, Want Not and this is just the tip of the pile.

I banked $50 today

2 Responses to “Pandora box ”

  1. midlight21 Says:

    Ugh product overload. I get a lot of lotions and potions as gifts and I seldom use them. This is something I carefully note who the gifter was and regift to others as I could not possibly use it all! I ended up last year by taking a lot of it to the local women's shelter.

  2. lizajane Says:

    I have several full size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body washes, razors, and toothpaste I got for free, plus a variety of makeup. I've decided that I will NOT buy anything of that variety new until I use or give away all of the stuff I have. If I can get it for free and I'll use it, I might give in, but if it's cheap with a coupon I'm making myself skip it.

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