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Day out in history

July 12th, 2009 at 03:21 am

I went to a re-enactment of an event that happens here 150 years ago. It was a ship coming up the Brisbane River to Government house at the time Newstead House on the bend of the river at Newstead Point. SEPARATION on its side, this year we are celebrating our 150 year of separation from New South Wales.

This was most economical event for me to attend, I would have loved to ride the steam train around the state but cost was prohibited.

This was a moment in Queensland history, and they went to a lot of trouble to re-enact it with style.

It was an Community Garden Party with the re-enactment of the ships coming in with Queensland Scottish Volunteer Corp of about 6 men all dressed in soldiers uniforms of the day and fire a Feu De Joie as the ship arrived who are from Queensland Scottish Association, Orimiston Heritage Pipes and Drums which performed for the waiting crowd. Over 40 people dressed in period costumes of that time. There were three groups who dressed in period, The Australian Costumes Guild,Dance Kaleidoscope is group performing and teaching the traditional dancing of England and Wales of 17th, 18th,19th centuries in costume. They performed Grimstock , Shrewsbury lasses, Waltz Country Dance, and Ballroom Lancers - Quadrille which danced to Gilbert & Sullivan music, many of these dances were danced in drawing rooms of this historic house 150 years ago. Many people would have seen them danced in the Pride & Prejudice movies.

I did have a look over the Newstead House for gold coin donation. Very beautiful old house, and I did find the their gift shop spending $7.00 on cookbook that they had put together. It made a very interesting read as it was on a collection of WW2 recipes and memories of Victory in Pacific, August 15 1945. One recipe had a very bad typing error in this cookbook. What do you think this line 1 kevek teasoiib sida should read?

This wasnt the only typing error I found, in their program for the event. It was printed with the date error now if only I could attend then 11th July, 6009.

Give that I went by bus & bought food, cookbook and donation for princely sum $18.50 for a memory.

Newstead House http://www.newsteadhouse.com.au/

The Australian Costumes Guild http://www.australiancostumersguild.org.au

3 Responses to “Day out in history ”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    1 level teaspoon soda? Weird typo.

  2. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Joan that is what I thought too! As this recipe was in WW2 paper here and is a reprint into this book one day I hope to look at the microfiche of this copy, as our state library would have it.

    I will post the recipe next time.

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I think someone who "touch types" had their right hand shifted one letter key over from the "home position" on the keyboard. That would account exactly for the errors on the right-handed letters, but having gotten the left-handed letters correct. So, yes, I think it is 1 level teaspoon soda.

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