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Free Garage Sale found

April 12th, 2009 at 09:05 pm

Found a local Church that has FREE Garage Sales now & then, so as I was never able to find anyone to buy my stuff that I had in the first place and to void the sign finds by the local council $300 @ sign. One of my neighbor keep putting up signs when you have a garage sale but as you are the one advertising it you are the one who will get the fines as he put up six signs. It can cost you $1800 to make $40 to $100 not worth it and the stuff is not modern enough for some now!

I have now decided to donate some of it to them when they have their next one. As they do give it away for free to the needy. Some of it will go to other places as I dont think some of the books will be right for them. By looking at their books on the boxes to go by!

Now that I have a place for my junk to go to I now can make it my winter project and what doesnt go to them will be sent to the local school fete this year. Both these places dont change the earth for second hand goods either. Other charity shops think, if not under two years old or new in it original packaging/price tag on it or antique then they think its no good and will send it to the dump or what they keep, will then change people almost the price new for it! My idea of all second goods should never sell for more than 40% of their original price when bought new. The other day I was looking at cookbook that I wanted for a set that I am making up, I only have 6 books to go, I found one of them but they wanted $6 for it, when I bought all others for under $2 each and they were around $2.99 each to start off with new. I left it there too!

I did pick up a cookbook & a glass pie plate at the free garage sale.

It was a no spending day too!

6 Responses to “Free Garage Sale found ”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    I had the same experience last weekend. A local church was having a giveaway. I went there expecting to pick up a few pairs of jeans that my dh and I need but don't want to pay big bucks for. I did find a few clothing items, but the big ticket item was a solid oak desk. I even offered them $20, but they wouldn't take it. It is a great desk and has a total of 6 drawers. We had an overhead hutch from another desk that we just put on top of it. It looks great and dh uses it to put his computer on. It's a good thing we found one, because our cheap fiberboard one was about ready to fall down.

  2. disneysteve Says:

    You aren't allowed to advertise your garage sales? How bizarre. What possible reasoning do they give for that rule?

  3. whitestripe Says:

    wow i didn't even know that! is it just in your area or is it all over australia? i haven't heard of that. thank goodness you mentioned it otherwise we probably would have gotten a fine later on. i will have to check our council and find out.

  4. tightwad kitty Says:

    Its our local council they got sick of people putting up garage sales signs on around abouts & light poles etc and not taking them down as it a Eyesore. You have to put it at your front gate and on other people property fence an remove it. They don't come out that often but they will fine you if they do!

  5. disneysteve Says:

    They should have made the rule that signs need to be removed within a certain time period after the sale rather than banning them entirely. I always go around the evening after our sale and take down my signs. I save them and reuse them the next time we have a sale, just changing the date. I've had the same signs for several years now.

  6. toyguy1963 Says:

    In my town in Ohio you can't put signs on the poles or anything either because of the same reason. People never took the signs down. But you can put signs up in your own yard.

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