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Review of My spending and goals for 2007

December 14th, 2007 at 01:05 am

As I start my new annual budget each year around now.
I am reviewing my past spending and goals before I start posting my goals and plans for 2008.

As you may have read, I had a spending spree this year.
New Front Door & Security Door, 3000L Tank, Water Hot Tank, New Mower, New Computer & Printer etc, Digital Camera plus extras, Holiday Interstate.
All bills paid on time throughout the year
And credit card at Zero balance at end of each month.
Best of all Iím still under my pension income and things are looking good for next year goals.

My goals & plans for next three months ~ December to February.

~ No Spending but for planned items. (If I have an item in the house or can borrow it, then Iím to use that first.)
~ I have only two gift vouchers for Christmas to buy as all other gifts have been bought.
~ Saving as much cash I can for a new stove & oven later in the year.
~ Have my credit card at Zero balance by end of the each month.
~ Come under budget. (Only if you donít count major project)
~ Deposit into the online accounts.
~ Pay All Due Bills on pension days or ahead of time. (As my budget is now in Excel, I can see a working model of these figures. When due and approx amount needed for each month.)
~ Chiro visit (one every 4 weeks)
~ Known outings to budget for in December - February Ėdining out 5 times
~ Live off my Bulk Food Assets & Storage Assets
~ Gardening Mowing & weed back garden & put water saving techniques in place.
~ Cull & de-clutter computer files not in use.
~ Downsizing storage areas and clean these areas (zones 9, 10 & 11)
~ Lay a load wood chip that our neighbor hood (10 households) got for FREE, so far I have moved 30 Wheel borrows full for my garden. Still wheel borrows more to go.

2 Responses to “Review of My spending and goals for 2007”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Hey, that wheel barrowing is good exercise! Great that you got it free.

  2. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Hep very good excerise, they cleared a propery near us of large trees for a town houses. One of the neighbors ask what they were doing with the wood clip, Land fill at the dump. One of my neighbors has large backyard so it was put in there. People have been coming by getting truckload of it. Owner has a bad heart is not allowed to move it. Help yourself or you can't have it. I still need about 3 or 4 wheel borrows full for the area that I'm doing now. Smile

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