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Finding family history

April 2nd, 2007 at 01:57 pm

Started de-cluttering the tables downstairs so that I can work on some of the boxes that I keep my stuff in. I have a bad habit, in that when I have visitors, I put all the clutter that is out in boxes then storing them downstairs. But I never get back to empty them for a while or years in some things. Found some old 35mm slides of my DS as a baby. He is now been married for 7 years. These were still in the slide viewer that is now not working. As I need to clear up most of this storage area. At the moment I am putting anything that is of value in the area that it should be in. So when I get to that area in the future it will get put together with things of the same. When you have a soooooooo large a storage area, and almost 70 years of stuff from four generations and my house is the keeper of this kind of things. Not that there is anything of great value but a lot of family memories, like my nanaís shoe stretchers, washing board, old dressmaking odd Ďní ends, tennis racketís brace holder with wing nuts, and metal shoehorn that I now uses. I donít want to sell any of it for now but to keep it better and cull the trash, that is mixed in with it.

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1 Responses to “Finding family history”

  1. JanH Says:

    Oh, I have been there. Happy sorting!

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