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Self-taught Learning

February 24th, 2007 at 01:06 am

Today was a no spending day here. I just worked around the house doing different task like putting things away.

Saving money wise. I was putting thing the right place so that when I needed them, I would save both time & money. I may be repeating myself sorry if I do. I have a right place and hold it places in house. When the hold it places becomes full then De-clutter that area. If I no longer need it or it out of date then itís trashed. If it has a home then it will put there.

Some things are for projects that I am working on, and then when that project is finished then all papers is recycled. I just keep the finish project and the files on my computer. Even at my age after sixty years of learning. I still want to learn new things and ask questions. I have done this all my life, as I am self-taught in many things, I just learn what I wish to know and leave other things to if I need know that I will learn it. I start this the day I finished my schooling as I started full time work at 15. I did kept notebooks when working on things I needed to remember if I didnít use that often. If I ever found a problem and was told the answer, I would put in my notebook for that job. I became very good at minimizing instructions of which buttons to use on these ordering machines. The order sections used (these machines) and were hand held. Using visual ideas to put into a notebook & read in quick reference. Boxed word if it was the keypad and Capitals if it was found on the screen with normal words in the text as instruction. Just enough info to get to where you wanted to go. After a while you just looked at the Boxed words or the Capital words only as I had put them in the right order to work them. A little like a flow chart in early computer planning. When we had to learn to use early computer cash registers I did this often as some things only came up now and then. When I started in retail, all cash registers were manual some you had turn a handle or pull buttons down to the price to ring up too!

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Coffee
LUNCH Grilled Cheese with Mustard Toasted Slices Fruit Coffee
DINNER Roast Chicken & Steam Vegetables

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