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Joys of Polishing Old Furniture

February 3rd, 2007 at 01:31 am

Clearing a top of cupboard that need to be polished the joys of having old furniture that nearly 100 years old. This does keep me on my toes when it comes to housework. If you have old stuff then you do need to care for it. Itís one of pieces that came with the house as you canít get it out of the house not that I would wont too! I am the keeper of the family heritage anyway. I do have many items that begin back memory of pasted members of the family. Like a cake decoration that I got when I visited my fatherís parents at age of seven. Their had died by the time I was in my teenís. It was a funny on that visit I was the first child to be allowed to be in the front parlor, as I slept there. I must have been quite child as my father told me that he (or his siblings as children) had never been allow into that room until that trip and he had left home some 25 year before hand. My father got a mirror (which is still hanging on my wall) that he looked into as a small boy at breakfast around 1914, he left home at 21. Now this little house cake decoration has a place in the China Cabinet along a tea set that my mother got for her 21st Birthday. I have very little from their house here. I could tell you much more about this trip as we drove to visit them across three states in a very small Ford in the early fifties, maybe another time.

BREAKFAST Frittata with Ham Steak & Marinated Peppers
LUNCH Grilled Cheese with Mustard Toasted Slices Fruit Coffee
DINNER Bean Patties with Salad Fruit Coffee

3 Responses to “Joys of Polishing Old Furniture”

  1. MarthaAnn Says:

    I enjoy reading your postings.

    May I ask,

    When you prepare your grill cheese -- what KIND of cheese is your favorite, and do you use BUTTER when you grill?

    Just wondering, that's all


  2. LittleGopher Says:

    I, too, feel like I'm the keeper of the family heritage. I have a few items that have been passed down through the family. There is a bit more upkeep, like the polishing, but it's so worth it. Tangible reminders of family and memories.

  3. KEALINA Says:

    that is very cool... i don't meet too many people who cherish things like that nowadays... i feel like the keeper of family memories too as i am the only kid who isn't prone to just toss things out... unfortunately we don't have much to pass down as my mom was a refugee and had to leave a lot behind when she left vietnam... there won't be a lot of family hierlooms for us to take care of, which i sometimes think would be cool... i love items that have a combination of quality and history and always find myself drawn to certain vintage items at garage sales...
    sometimes i wonder if the people who sell me my favorite items ever wonder what happened to their stuff... i kind of wish i could tell them that they are still being used, are still in good shape and are being taken care of... oops... sorry for the ramble... just something i've been pondering lately as i've bought things at garage sales...

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