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Eating Sicilian Style

October 30th, 2006 at 08:51 am

What a day, about mid morning my Sicilian friend (DF-M) and her DD & SIL arrived back from a weekend in the country. As they had left early for the 3 hours drive down, they need breakfast so as I was invited along for the afternoon outing. I ate with them too! Meze’s type of food which we bought on last Thursday shopping trip along fresh bread. Sun-dried tomatoes in oil, artichokes in oil, marinated mixed olives, two different cheese & meats. Very nice but rich!

Then it was off the crematory for a visit to the family crypt. DF-M wanted some chore done before her SIL flew home that night. So it was off that Mega Hardware store again. I got out with just a rubbish bin this time. Saving $7.18

After we arrived back home, we went different ways and meet up again for dinner.

Sicilian Green Salad and fillet steak cooked on the B-B-Q but marinated in garlic & olive oil with crusty bread and red wine or water. I do think, I will gain weight this week not lose it! After this DD & SIL left for the airport to return home to Sydney.

BREAKFAST Baked Beans on Toast Coffee
LUNCH Sicilian Brunch with DF-M family - (free)
DINNER Sicilian Dinner with DF-M family - (Free)

Today’s Full price Tally $17.18
Today’s Savings - $ 7.18
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $6802.23

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  1. Emily Says:

    I Love Sicilian style lasagna. Though made all over Italy, the hallmark of a southern, especially Sicilian lasagna is the use of ricotta cheese. My mom is a great cook and she makes the most tasty Sicilian dishes.

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