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Calligraphy Cookbook

September 23rd, 2006 at 03:53 am

Today is my shopping day. I am trying to do most of my car & shopping jobs on today.

I went into the thrift shop in the shopping centre and looked at they books, which are what I normally, do. Today I came across a Calligraphy Cookbook collector item for $3.00. The cover is by Donald Jackson and all the calligraphy inside too! The Book is in good condition too. ‘Entertaining with Cranks’ it’s a vegetarian cookbook and I do have another Cranks cookbook too! Part of my cookbook collection is these kinds of books. I did do calligraphy at one stage and had a class with Donald Jackson in 1985. I think this is why I am so happy. He was at the time of writing was the Queen’s Calligrapher in England. Save $13.50 on sale of 2nd book for sale at abebooks co uk today.

Then off to the supermarket that I get a discount from. To buy my potting mix as I have a rain check for this items saving $5.55, along some gardening items instead of buy groceries I buy gardening supplies. This is a pet shopping stock up for next 2 weeks or more. If I don’t buy pets items then I don’t go to the supermarket. Well they stuff up today twice in 7 days can you believe, not the same store but little old me. I bought & checked my docket just outside of the checkout, in this case I would have not been believed if I had left the area. The check out staff did a multi sale ring up on both lots of pet food cans. I wasn’t planning to spend that much so I was checking why, 15 cans & 13 cans of pet food I don’t think so. When I & the supervisor counted them, we only got 12 & 10 cans of each sort, so a refund $4.83 on that lot. So moral of this tale check your dockets please.

I had a snack at my favorite snack bar & cheapest in the area too! Hot dog on roll & milk shake for $2.40. If I bought the same at Wendy’s, it would have cost another $4.00 so saving there.

The price gas is going down from what it was, so I put more gas in the car. Just fill it up not much I haven’t used the car much ¼ of tank. Got 4c litre off .40c as I only put 10L in.

BREAKFAST Muesli & Milk Coffee
LUNCH Macaroni & Cheese Apple Coffee
DINNER Beef Bourguignon, Ice Cream with Ginger Chocolate Sauce Coffee

Today’s Full price Tally $80.32
Today’s Savings - $22.95
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $6181.21

2 Responses to “Calligraphy Cookbook”

  1. yummy64 Says:

    Nice finds Smile

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    Here in US we call them tickets. And dockets are something judges work on (their schedule). As in 'who's next on the docket?' So that was a bit of a quizzler going on there for a second for me! Yes, check our tickets/dockets!! Just yesterday on my bank deposit slip was supposed to have been $12.50 and teller said I had deposited $1250.00!! While that might have been nice for a moment, the guilt would have been unbearable!

    Good for you for remembering to check while you were still right there by the checkstand!

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