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Went to RNA showground today!

August 18th, 2006 at 02:27 am

Locally this show is called www.ekka.com.au/ today.
This is its 130th year on the same site too! Images are in the media gallery.

The family, have a member & visitor RNA membership passes which I was able to borrow the visitor pass today, saving over $30.00 on gate entry & cloakroom fees alone without spending another cent. I had lunch & dinner at the showground. We bought a Food & Treasure Maps you had to go to 30 places on the showground to get a stamp & a small gift at each. I bought only 3 showbags and I got a number of free ones for the children that rarely go to the show, as they’re live in the country 3 hours west of here. All up I spent around $55.50 this was an inexpensive day as you can spend hundreds on just food, rides & showbags as well the cost of entry fee and fares or parking.

It was great day in that I had quality time with my son as we went together alone and spent a good 10 hours there (This was the only second time since his marriage over 6 years ago that we went together.) Before his wife arrived after work, then we all went and watched the ring events for another 3 hours.

They were The Man From Susan River, riding a horse bare back with no raids doing tricks.
Carlton Clydesdales
Whiptacular An impressive 240 whipcrackers perform in assorted formations in this nightly show,
Buffalo Bill and Bison Show
With many species of bison now extinct, the Buffalo Bill and Bison Show is a rare opportunity to see this magnificent creature up close – 20 of them in fact! Humphrey the bison is the star of this show, though he shares the spotlight with three galloping horsemen in a performance that’s sure to be a hit with Ekka visitors of all ages. …Buffalo Bill riding bison up a ramp with herd of bison and running around the arena and wild horses running around the arena in the same act and some trick riding on horses.
Country Music Performer (Tania Kernaghan),
Freestyle Motorcross bike riding jumping over ramps
Holden Stormriders Precision Driving Team
Human Cannonball
Plus Dairy Farmers Fireworks which is the highlight of the night.
After which we collected our bags from the cloakroom and headed back to the car.
Oh! What a long day!

BREAKFAST Oatmeal with Current & Milk Coffee
LUNCH food out *
DINNER food out*

Today’s Full price Tally $205.25*
Today’s Savings - $150
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $4590.28

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