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Cooking without a Recipe being Frugally Creative.

April 29th, 2006 at 04:10 am

I made a meal out of my bulk storage assets today! I thawed four chicken drumsticks a day or so ago and need to use them today. I took 2 cups (mixed vegetables, beans, corn kernels, sweet peppers), bottle of Cacciatore Sauce that I have a lot of, a can diced tomato that needs using up and 1/2 teaspoon of chilli powder plus a few dried herbs. I place that lot in a microwave dish, defrost and then cooked for 3 minutes; I cooked the drumsticks on a browning tray in the microwave for 2 minute each side. I have cooked the chicken drumsticks and I have frozen the one's I didn't use which I will use soon! As for the Tomato Vegetables Sauce I serve it up with 2 of drumsticks and cover it with Tomato Vegetables Sauce. I got another 3 serves to freeze. I plan to have some over poached fish on Friday. One lot over Pasta lasts one with the chicken drumsticks again! My best meals come from my Creativity when I got to come up with something I got at hand. I will make this again too! No spending today!

1 Responses to “Cooking without a Recipe being Frugally Creative.”

  1. Lady Jennelle Says:

    It sounds like you're really creative!! Smile

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