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Spending on My Car only

July 21st, 2013 at 10:15 pm

Well today I finely got to the mechanic to get my car seen too! It was due for an minor service this month so I rang up an booked it in to be looked at as I was having a feeling that my brakes weren't a 100% which turns out I was right, being told they were ok! I had a leak in rear wheels, drums replaced, its why they weren’t finding the problem.

So bill came to $562.26 and got discount $190 [via my service voucher, I got earlier this year] on $353.25 all up. They also drop me home and came and picked me as well! After I did fill my car up with petrol costing $36.95 for 25 litres its $1.51.5 litre here at the moment was $1.66.5 on the weekend. So an expensive day car wise of $390.20.

Spent on nothing else today.

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