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Interstate Visitors and Summer Storms

November 17th, 2012 at 08:48 pm

Well they would come here in the storm season. Only here for 5 days and we just had the two worse storms for a long time. They are staying a motel near where my niece is working this weekend; my sister came up with her this time. The place where they are staying got damaged and one guest left a baloney door open and the storm and wind damaged the room and everything of theirs too! At least my sister knew how bad our storms can be here and left their's locked. Trees down everywhere and just down the road from them a street flooded and 20 parked cars went under water. Where I live and my sister was at my place when the first storm hit we got very little damage here. This first storm lasted about 30 minutes and moved very quickly over. However the second storm lasted for hours it seemed as I went to bed and it still was raining and lightening flashing 3 hours later when we lost power for a few seconds but enough to stop all the clocks working. I know it just a summer storms but over 33000 lighting strikes between the two storms and the loss of power in some areas.


We did go out on Friday and I spent the day and evening with them. My son and his wife meet up with us all at South Bank Night Markets (Friday night and day time on Saturday and Sunday) do go there if you happen to in Brisbane on the weekend at any time and we had dinner there and Greek restaurant the food was great too! With an entertainment voucher of 25% off the table cost it was around $32.00 per head including drinks. I didn’t spend any money other than on food for the whole day.

We had two entrée of cheese and dips for the table plus a main course each, I had Chicken Souvlakia with Tomatoes, Feta and Olives Salad (Greek salad I will post recipe) and the others had Moussaka and Green Greek Salad or a non -Greek dish. My niece just loves these craft markets and does make a bee line for them when she comes here to lecture on the weekends every so often they are fly in fly out trips as she lives interstate over 5 hours away from here in the country South Australia.

Spending for the day $39.00 all up including lunch which was Thai Vegetable Curry with Brown Rice.

Some three more storm cells have arrived today so far but were light here but much heavier on the north side up the coast a little. I will post now as I need to close my computer down each time a storm cell comes over and I have loss my Wi-Fi a number times today.

4 Responses to “Interstate Visitors and Summer Storms ”

  1. Wino Says:

    I have a friend who lives on Mount Tamborine (probably spelled it wrong). I visited her a few years back, and was amazed at how beautiful Qld is. It looks like I'll have an opportunity early next year to return to Oz, but flying in to Perth and working out of Broome (probably spelled incorrectly, too). I know that's like telling someone in the US who's from NY that one is flying in to LAX, but at least in Oz is closer than anywhere outside of Oz, closeness-wise.

  2. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Wino, you got both spellings right! One tip while you are in Broome WA, if there is a Cyclone in the area take notice of the warnings.

  3. -Jerry- Says:

    Wow, it sounds like you really were walloped by storms! I don't know if there are more storms these days, of if the internet just leads us to hear about them more, but wow. I have friends in NY and NJ in the States, and they are still digging out from their big storm a couple of weeks ago. Even with insurance and government aid, it will still take a long time before things are close to normal again. I hope that your area is back up quickly!

  4. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    We had another Hail Storm on the Sunday in some areas.
    It's Storm season around here. It's late this year.
    I only once had a problem from storms here in the 40 years I have been living here.
    There go around my area but we need to be on guard though!

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