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I donít like the look of Euro crisis thatís coming.

November 28th, 2011 at 11:00 pm

With the way the euro crisis is shaping up I think it time to pull that belt in a lot tighter, and any money that we save can go to something we need not just a want or whim. We are a lot safer here and I am worried about this.

Next year I will just do jobs around the house, like house painting which I have put off for too long now. For my Christmas present to myself I will spend money on a digital antenna for the TV as I still donít get all the stations with the old system which is long past its use by date 1980 model it shouldn't work with digital but does most of the time! After that it will replace it or repair anything else. I can do a bit of painting on bits that I will not be getting the painter to do.

Another no spend day here!

2 Responses to “I donít like the look of Euro crisis thatís coming. ”

  1. baselle Says:

    I'm with you - I don't like the looks of what the euro crisis is shaping up to be. It doesn't help any to think about the grinding-ness of what our recession is all about. I learned that in the US, the term "Great Depression" wasn't used until the late 30s. In other words, its not too late to be in second Great Depression.

  2. -Jerry- Says:

    I am living in SE Europe right now, and the Euro thing is really scary. The only thing that is (short term) comforting is that it seems to lead the US Dollar back up a bit in comparison, which is nice for my family because we are Americans. Still, we have no insurance that anything good can come of this financial nonsense on either side of the Atlantic. It is sobering...

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