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Water & Sewage Bill

April 19th, 2011 at 09:40 pm

I just paid my water & sewage bill this morning, I know that I do get senior subsidy but when I looked at this bill, my water consumption was only 17 kilolitres for the quarter costing $16.89 and sewage and everything else around a $100 total bill that I paid was $111.19 for the quarter.

Our water & sewage access changes are $156.03 plus my $36.89 in water consumption changes then less my senior discount rate of $81.73 so comes out at $111.19 bill. For every kilolitre that I donít use I save only $2.17 then get a senior water subsidy $20.00 off the total. So 17 kilolitres cost $16.89 for three months the balance of the bill was access fees. They are putting up these fees at alarming rate too! The only control on this bill is the water consumption. The city average per household is 360 to 400 kilolitres per quarter and most household are without any subsidies. The lowest I got my water consumption down to was 9 kilolitres per quarter when we were using bath water to keep our plants alive and at level 7 with dams level around 16%. This quarter I used some extra water to blast the slime off the steps and paths here. Will see what next quarter comes in at!

2 Responses to “Water & Sewage Bill ”

  1. jewels3 Says:

    Our water/sewer bill here is very expensive. Almost $400 USD every quarter.

  2. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    If you used 380 kilolitres per quarter @$2.17 = $824.60 plus $156.03 fixed part of the bill without any subsidy that’s around $977.63 per quarter. Some bills are around $2900 in some household now. You just have to watch the amount of water consumption to save any money here.

    Our dollar $1.0556 to US$ at moment.

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