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Annual Kerbside Pickup

October 31st, 2010 at 11:25 pm

In our area itís this time of the year again, over a full year about 8 suburbs get a week get to put out rubbish thatís too big for our bins, you are allowed to put out only certain items but you do get a list of what can be put out. Like old electrical items or furniture but the some things you have to take any doors off to make them safe and children canít climb into them. I put out two very old TV 30 year plus ones, well the copper scavengers came calling the first night they took the electric cords off everything, next day some more came with cordless drills and took all the valuable metals inside the TVís and microwaves. They can have it as they had been sitting here for next Kerbside Pickup anyway.

I did a bit of scavenging myself; I found a good dinning room chair that just needs coat paint and cushion. 10 medium size garden pots that I have run out off, waste tidy bin that just need a wash, pair of old fashioned salt & pepper shakers that I will sell or give to Op Shop, Maui Girl brand new backpack, hemp shopping bag Save the Planet kind, folding cooler bag that will be ok to keep in the car, a print of old city will need to have better look at it but not valuable, piece of green cloth thick and big enough to make a bag or cover a stool with and small galvanized letter box still usable.

If I went out and bought this all stuff I would be looking at around $160 worth. The chair alone is worth $80 at IKEA new, Backpack $30 as itís a brand one and I pick up a second one just awhile ago not so new but washable again Maui Girl brand.

2 Responses to “Annual Kerbside Pickup ”

  1. Pat Says:

    Wow, you did well at the curbside! Here, there are several companies that pick up trash every week and we don't often see much sitting on the curb. Now and then, but not often.

  2. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    I did better than that, since they just pick up stuff today because of heavy rain when they came yesterday it was too wet to work in and unsafe. I was able to get another backpack plus a lunch bag both Pokemon ones for kids and Shabby Chic bathroom cupboard in solid wood with tiled top that will go in my laundry or entrance room to put plants on. The table or chest of drawers in these spots needs to go in next year pick up anyway.

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