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Climate Smart Meter & Solar Panels

December 5th, 2009 at 08:02 pm

About 12 months ago I got a Climate Smart Meter Power checker installed here, one of our state government deals to reduce power usage here. Its a device that checks how much power you are using that minute and it cost. I needed do a battery change a few months back so the pricing got changed by accident and now is out by a few cents for each watt. Not that I am worried that much as the power cost has gone up since then and its in the pipeline that its to go up a lot more over next few years something like 25% more.

My hot water is not on this tariff but still shows on the climate smart power meter, when this is on 49c less any phantom power and then if you put anything else then its more. I am averaging around 12.6c most of the time. Lowest before charging batteries was about 1.6c but now is about 2.35c at night with no hot water on and just phantom power for things that needs to be still on and with no fridges or freezer on.

A few months ago I got six solar panels installed here, another government grants to the tune of $8000 plus our state government working on bulk order deal that in the end costing to low income earners a few hundred dollars to have installed this offer is now over. After nearly two months our energy supplier finely came and installed the new meter so that I can get rebates on any extra solar power that is sent to the grid because I wasnt using it. Daytime power is now mostly solar powered and I even sending some back to the grid.

Its now 14 days since that meter box was changed. I have use 83kW of grid power and generated 56kW of solar power and sent to the grid 16kW on top of what I have used. I am averaging 1/3 solar and 2/3 grid kW use per day. I have been monitoring it for 78 days now, so I can see a pattern forming of using 8 to 9 kW on grid power and generating between 4 -5.9 kW of solar power per day..

Last summer I was using 16.27kW per day with very mild use of an Air Con at times when temps got over 34C inside the house.

So in all it will cut my bill down to a bearable price and ever more if I get solar hot water installed next year as my name is down for another grant for that one too! I would never be able to afford it if I had to pay full price. So I have done my little bit for Climate Change in this household but I will be on the look out to do more in the future.

Costing of all is well over $9500 in the end I am out of pocket only $355 including the Climate Smart Meter which I got a refund of the cost from the local council.

Still to come is the Solar Hot Water worth over $2500 out of cost I am told will be with senior discount around $100 out of pocket. Which checking my inbox just a while ago I am just now waiting for the grant approval then it will just need to wait my turn for installing.

With all these schemes will, its hope save on building extra coal power stations in the near future. We do have the sunshine here as I am getting over 13 hours per day with my solar panels now!

4 Responses to “Climate Smart Meter & Solar Panels ”

  1. gertymac Says:

    I would love to install solar panels, but I don't think it would work well for our house. Our south side is covered by trees and faces our neighbor's taller home.

  2. 3in1energy Says:

    Perhaps electric deregulation would help reduce prices. It has helped a lot here in Texas. Plus the company we use pays us commisions if you choose to refer. We net hundreds each mth and have basically free energy. Solar here is 20k avg per home. Hope you get better deal soon

  3. lartiga Says:

    Thanks for sharing how you're using solar energy. It's a great idea... hope more homeowners move in this direction in the future. It's a "win-win" situation because you are sending energy back to the grid.

    It's a wise move on the government's part to provide grants because the installation expense would be daunting to most people, but in the end many are benefiting.

  4. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    On the subject of electric deregulation our state electric is broken into 2 companies one SE of the state and other for country areas both are own by the state government, this is all power stations, power lines and meters on the houses as well as paying staff to read the meters. Its the cost for the new power stations that putting the prices up as they never allowed for so many people moving into the SE about 3 million in the last 10 years.

    The billing part has been deregulated so we have a number of companies offering a number of discounts but they change very simular power fees. Now that we have over a thousand people moving into our area every week so all our services are falling a part if this keeps up we will hit breaking point.

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