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Cooking up a storm here

September 13th, 2008 at 07:25 pm

I have decided to start using my stockpile to make room for fresh stuff next year. So far I found in the back of my pantry 3 kg of sultanas all bought for the same thing, the morning cereal and making chutney. So I opened one kilo which was very sugary put it into water and soaked for few hours then drained. As I needed 2 1/2 kilos of fruit I went looking in the freezer for the mangoes that were past they best. With sultanas, mangoes and 3 granny smiths I had enough for the making chutney along with 2 cups of cider vinegar and 2 cups brown sugar again found in the pantry.

While looking for the mangoes, I pulled out a tray of 16 small sausages and 500g ground beef along with 6 seafood sticks. Then went looking for what I had in the pantry for each meal.

## Seafood sticks diced , can asparagus soup,1/2 can of water or chicken stock, some frozen vegetables and dash of pepper. End up with servings 4 of Seafood Casserole. Serve with streamed potato, rice or pasta as a base.

## Ground beef, onions, 2 packets tomato & pepper sauce, 2 cans whole tomatoes & can of tomato soup, chicken stock. End up with 8 servings Spaghetti Bolognese. Serve with streamed potato, or pasta as a base

## Sausages, 1/2 cup cooked rice, 2 cups of chutney sauce (from making the chutney which I had drained off), 1/2 jar of Teriyaki Sauce, 1/2 cup sultanas, onions, chicken stock, and streamed cauliflower added at the end. End up with 5 servings of my version Devil Sausages. Serve with streamed potato, corn chips, toast or pasta as a base.

I didn't need to go to the supermarket at all as I had enough in my pantry and freezer to make all of the above. All meals now are in the freezer to use over next few weeks and the chutney is in fridge to be used in the coming months, I got 7 jars and 2 cups of chutney sauce from that recipe which is posted here under http://tightwadkitty.savingadvice.com/2006/11/14/fruit-chutn....

Weekly Main Meals Menu

Sunday ~ Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice
Monday ~ Devil Sausages with Streamed potatoes
Tuesday ~ Spaghetti Bolognese
Wednesday ~ Roasted Chicken & Vegetables
Thursday ~ Omelet with Salad
Friday ~ Pasta with Tuna & Tomato Sauce
Saturday ~ Leftover's Night

1 Responses to “Cooking up a storm here”

  1. fern Says:

    What interesting things you have in the back of your pantry!

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