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Another spending spree

December 31st, 2006 at 01:25 am

I wanted to go the Hardware store here, to get some bird netting for my persimmon tree. I need to make it larger as the tree has grow bigger now, the one I got is to small so I will need to add more netting to it. 4m @$2.76 =$11.04. I got some recycle bags with three bags in each. RRP $3.96 x 3 $11.88 I paid $1.00 each =$3.00 saving $8.94. Also bought a 60L rubbish bin it was not on the docket when I got home. So saved $10.00 here. I saved $18.94 at hardware store.

I went off too the supermarket on the way home. I had a look the Christmas special there. Not much but some Christmas bags. I bought Grapes, which were on special costing $2.78 and only one item at full price for $1.11.

8 small @ 49c & 4 medium Christmas Bags @ 79c each. $1.00 off each so I saved $13.00 here Christmas Cake $3.49 …saving $3.50
Calendar 99c saving $1.00
Frypan $7.99 … saving $4.90
4 x Easyo Slimmer Yoghurt $1.33 each …saving $3.42
Le Rice $1.40 …saving $1.39
Complete Family Salad $1.10 …saving $1.18
Sweet Corn $1.30 ….saving $ $1.15
Sponge cake $2.00 …saving $1.98

Total cost $34.40 but saving $31.52 on RRP before Christmas.

Today’s Full price Tally $116.32
Today’s Savings - $ 50.46
2006 Total $-t-r-e-t-c-h Savings Tally $8842.61

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