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Gardening stage one

December 30th, 2006 at 12:07 am

Today is working in my front garden, first stage. As I donít have a lot of energy no job or project is completed in the same day, if it take more than 2 Ė3 hours to do. I can do a few tasks in one day but not a lot. Gardening is one that needs to be done in stages. Weeding and mulching my front garden will take more then a few hours.

So today is the stage one. Pulling out all the Italian parsley that has gone to seed and save some seed heads. I put all this green mulch into my compost bed. Rake off all the dry leaves and rubbish from the beds as they have eight large scrubs, which do drop leaves and when I donít feel like weeding these beds, I put all the leaves on top to kept in all the moisture. This is a drought garden in that most of all the plants that grow in this area grow quite well with minimum of watering and grey recycle water at that. As I am not much of a gardener I only weed these beds once or twice a year and only too put on cane sugar mulch, along with digging and fertilizer the soil beforehand which will be stage two of this project next week. I will save all the recycle water so I can water to soften the soil so it can be dug up. We are coming into the hottest time of the year from January to April and it should be wettest time too! If the rain fail at this time of year we will not get much rain before next summer. So I plan to add more mulch on this area as it breaks down too! I will have to think of name of the plants that are left in these beds and post when write about stage two.

1 Responses to “Gardening stage one”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Sounds like you are doing a great job with the garden! I hope things turn out well!Smile

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