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Flooding Update

January 30th, 2013 at 07:58 pm

Six Dead and record flood levels in some towns in two states.

This rain depression travelled from the Gulf of Carpentaria to Sydney about 3000 km plus very slowly down the coast just inland and with another coastal depression out at sea so both together came the rain and high winds all the way down the coast line.

The flooding in Brisbane and Ipswich was not as high as last time (2011) by a long shot. Most houses that went under were from creek and high tide flooding and not river flooding. Other areas were far worse than our area. One family went to look at the river and a tree fell on top of the mother and 3 year old boy the little boy died on Brisbane. Two men tried to go to work in separate cars both were washed away in the same creek. Why do people take risks when they are told not too! Here in our state if you are told to move because of flooding you can be find or gaol if you donít go the water is running too fast for someone to risk their life to go back and get you! 1500 had to air lifted out because they were cut off and that area was going to be flooded by morning. Still one city Rockhampton is still to flood as the water is coming from another city before it goes out to sea by the weekend. Hopefully we donít get another cyclone this bad before the end of the season in April.

I finished off being ok; I didnít lose power once, but two household in families including my son household lost power for 4 days plus. This morning there were some here without power still. With 250000 household and business out the most ever in the south east area, the ground was too soft for the trucks or they have water around the lines that you canít to get into as the linemen have been working 24/7 since Sunday, they were down to 17000 this morning hopeful only the ones still with water are left only by night fall, If your suburb or area is not on the list now you have to phone the company and report it. They have got to that stage now!

Now for the big clean up!



1 Responses to “Flooding Update ”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    TK= the flooding hit the news here and I was wondering how you were doing. So sorry for all the families, including your son, affected by the storm. Hugs!

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