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Bridget's Petticoat

May 1st, 2006 at 10:47 pm

When I was writing up a piece for the ‘Re-reading Tightwad Gazette’ in the forum. My mind started to wander to some frugal stories from past generations handed down over time. So I thought that I would now and then, past on a story or two.

There is a story in my mother’s family about my great grandmother Bridget petticoat. She was immigrant from Tipperary in Ireland around 1884 to Australia, and pasted away before I was born.

She would tell all & sundry (everyone) “My petticoat has lasted me, 65 years it came up out with me on the sailing ship, why do I need new one.” The family explained, yes it did last 65 years, but with seven charges of new linen and five charges of new lace in that time. But it still in her eyes, it was the same petticoat. She was lucky that two of her daughters & a grand daughter were dressmakers and also did very fine crochet, I am lucky to have some of they crochet tablecloths still today. That is what I call being Frugally Creative.

2 Responses to “Bridget's Petticoat”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Your story makes me smile. I'm nearly 50 and when I was a child our family of eight owned about 8 bathtowels. Though my mother has owned other towels over the years, I notice that she still has a couple of whispy, thin towels from my childhood! They are delicate things, now. And whenever she finally judges them too thin, I'm sure she will do something like fold them upon themselves several times and sew the layers together to make hot pads for removing pans from the oven.

  2. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    I am glad it made you smile! I will be peppering my Blog with a few frugal memories, so you can see why I am a tightwad and practical in nature it’s from examples of past generations. My old towels are used to dry pets or door stops in wet weather. Rags or to the dog refgee down in the next suburb.

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